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Ambassador Wang Baodong Attends the Opening Ceremony of Vast Ocean (Tonga) Aquaculture Company Ltd.

On 18 December, the opening ceremony of Vast Ocean (Tonga) Aquaculture Company Ltd. established by China’s Hong Kong investors was held in Tongatapu, the Kingdom of Tonga. Hon. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Infrastructure and Tourism Semisi Sika, Hon. Minister of Agriculture, Food, Forests and Fisheries Semisi Fakahau, Hon. Minister of Finance and National Planning Pohiva Tuionetoa, H.E. Ambassador Wang Baodong as well as other senior officials from Tonga Government and heads of Diplomatic Corps were present to celebrate the official commission of the company.

Vast Ocean (Tonga) Aquaculture Company Ltd. is the first large-scale sea cucumber hatchery in Tonga, which has been approved by the Tongan Government the first sea cucumber aquaculture and export company in the Kingdom. By spreading expertise to and conducting commercial cooperation with local communities, it is expected to play a positive role in helping promote Tonga’s sustainable economic development, increase the government’s revenue, and local employment and improve the livelihood of the Tongan people.

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