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China-aid 2018 Civil Aviation System Construction Overseas Seminar Held

On 28th May, 2018, the opening ceremony of 2018 Tonga Civil Aviation System Construction Overseas Seminar aided by the Chinese Government was held in Nuku'alofa, Tonga. Chinese Ambassador to Tonga, H. E. Wang Baodong and Hon. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure of Tonga, Semisi Sika, were present. 

Ambassador Wang, in his speech, introduced the new progress in China-Tonga relationship, reviewed the civil aviation cooperation between the two countries, and promised that China, as the biggest developing country in the world, is willing to provide more assistance to Tonga within its capability.

Hon. Semisi Sika expressed his gratitude to the Chinese government for the assistance it has been providing to Tonga in civil aviation among other fields, and stated that the seminar would help train more professionals for Tonga, upgrade its civil aviation operation and management and effectively promote the economic and social development in Tonga.  

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