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Chinese Embassy organizes Chinese water manufacturers to donate drinking water to Tongan Government

On Feb 17th,the Chinese Embassy in Tonga called on and organized Chinese water manufacturers to donate 500 boxes of drinking water to Tongan National Emergency Management Office (NEMO), to ensure the water supply for the Tongan victims of the Tropical Cyclone Gita.

Three Chinese drinking water manufacturers in Tonga, Ofa-ki, Zenith and Omni, responded rapidly by sending their vehicles and Chinese workers to deliver all their inventories to the designated warehouse of NEMO, while their own factories were yet to be fixed and put into operation again.

The Chinese owners stated that at this difficult moment for Tonga, and as Chinese companies established and operated in the Kingdom, they are willing´╝îin spite of their own difficulties´╝î to carry out social responsibilities and work together with Tongan people to rebuild the country.

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